Conquering Chaos at Work

Are you a Mess Maven suffering from Paperosis Misplacea?
Do you work with a Deadline Deadbeat or have Phone-o-phobic clients?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed or overloaded?

For anyone struggling with too many projects, too little time, and too much paper, organizing guru Harriet Schechter -aka The Miracle Worker- offers innovative methods for conquering the five types of workplace chaos: Time, Memory, Communication, Information, and Projects. And she shows you how to handle the real Chaos Creators:

  • Bosses who expect you to cover for them
  • Coworkers who leave messes for you to clean up
  • Assistants who are even more overwhelmed than you are
  • Clients who won’t return your phone calls

No matter who or what is creating the chaos that drives you crazy, Conquering Chaos at Work has the practical, easy-to-adopt solutions you need to overcome disorganization now…and forever.

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Praise for Conquering Chaos at Work

“…offers real life solutions that will help you keep up with the pace of today’s fast moving world of business, without going crazy in the process.” Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager

“I wish I had read Harriet Schechter’s book 48 years ago when I started my mail order business. It would have saved me a lot of time. This is a must-read for busy people on the fast track.” Lillian Vernon, Founder and CEO, Lillian Vernon Catalogs

“These principles will bring more prosperity to an organization’s bottom line than all the marketing and executive development books put together.” Dick Lyles, Author of Winning Ways

“Disorganization causes daytime stress and nocturnal insomnia. Conquering Chaos At Work is a step-by-step, easy to follow program that will certainly give you more productive days and restful nights.” James B. Maas, Author of Power Sleep

“This book fundamentally redefines the nature of work and productivity for the 21st century. At a time when people are facing unprecedented adversity, Conquering Chaos At Work gives us a vocabulary, mindset, and method for climbing each and every day. Put all the old time management manuals to rest. This book redefines the genre.” Paul Stoltz, Author of Adversity Quotient